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northeast ohio's premiere dance school since 1984

Youth come from all around the area learn at Meneer School of Dance including: Stow, Munroe Falls, Hudson, Cuyahoga Falls, Akron, Tallmadge, Kent, Ravenna, Brimfield, Streetsboro, Wadsworth & many more.

Creative Movement (Ages 2 - 5)

This class introduces young children to the world of movement, music, and rhythm. Students will explore ballet stretches, rhythm and coordination exercises, easy ballet steps, and creative moves.

Ballet (Ages 6 - 18)

Pre-Ballet (Ages 6-8)
This class prepares the young body for ballet. Concentration is on ballet floor stretches, strengthening of the body, basic positions of feet and arms, small jumps and coordination exercises.

Ballet (Ages 9-18)
Concentration is on proper stance and alignment, detail and quality of movement, and concentrating on developing each student’s individual artistry.

Jazz (Ages 5 - 18)

Pre-Jazz (ages 4 - 5)
    This class introduces young children to music, rhythm and movement.  They will learn basic stretches, isolations, balance and coordination skills through easy exercises as well as fun combinations and dances.

Beginner Jazz (ages 6 - 8)
    These levels focus on stretching, footwork, patterns and learning to move as well as developing their jazz vocabulary.  Students will explore lots of jumps, kicks, turns and fun combinations as they develop more complicated dance skills.

Jazz (age 9+)
    These levels will allow students to explore lots of difficult turns and jumps in the jazz technique as well as learning body positions and correct alignment.  They will also learn about the many styles and history of jazz and explore how to choreograph. 

Tap (Ages 4 - 18)

Pre-Tap  (ages 4 - 5)
    This class teaches children that tap is making music with your feet.  Students will learn basic rhythm and coordination skills, easy tap steps and fun little combinations and dances.

Beginner Tap (ages 6-8)
    These levels focus on more footwork, patterns and sounds as well as developing their tap vocabulary.  Students will explore more complicated rhythms along with jumps and turns associated with tap.   

Tap (ages 9+) 
    These levels will allow students to truly explore all of the complicated rhythms and advanced footwork of tap.  They will continue to learn more jumps and turns to accompany their tap skills as well.  Students will learn about how to choreograph and the history of tap with the many different styles it offers.

Meneer School of Dance is the home of:

Ballet Theatre of Ohio

 The Meneer School of Dance is home to BALLET THEATRE OF OHIO (BTO).  BTO is a pre-professional ballet company. For our various productions, we utilize an additional 50-60 children from our dance school each year.  Our dancers have the opportunity to partner with and dance on the same stage as seasoned professionals.   

Dance Kraze

The Meneer School of Dance is also home to DANCE KRAZE, a Jazz and Tap competition team.  This team travels three times each year competing in jazz, tap, modern, and lyrical.  Our most recent competition gathered the highest honors of the competition.  

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