There is a $25 registration fee for the 1st child; additional children are $10 each. All tuition is based on (9) nine equal months of tuition, September - May.  Our school follows the Stow Schools calendar. Upper level ballet and jazz technique classes are least 90 minutes. Pointe classes are an additional 90 minutes following the technique class. We do not offer combined classes. Jazz & Tap classes are scheduled back to back with each other, for convenience. We do give price breaks for second subjects and multiple siblings. Boys receive full scholarships with the exception of the registration fee, a one-month deposit and summer school.

Full Scholarships Available for Boys

Boys receive a full scholarship for all classes until the age of 10. They may take ballet, jazz or tap or all subjects. After age 10, boys are evaluated to continue their scholarship.

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Scholarship Opportunities

We award up to $10,000 in scholarships every year. Full and partial scholarships are available, up to $3,500 per student. Dancer must be going into 5th - 12th grade and have a minimum of three years dance training in a single subject - ballet, jazz or tap. Call for more information: 330-688-3000.