frequently asked questions

Q: Why should I choose the Meneer School of Dance over other dance schools in our community?

A:  We focus on technique and quality of training rather than the recital. Our performing opportunities cannot be matched in this area. We have a low injury rate because we train our dancers how to take care of their body.   

Q: What does the term "professional dance school" mean?

A:  The Meneer School of Dance is a professional dance school which means that the students will receive proper instruction and a higher level of training.  Our school employs teachers who have received at least 15 years of professional training. Most people do not realize that there are no credentials necessary to open a dance school or to teach dance.  However,  high level dancing involves the training of muscles & bones and is very stressful on the hip, back & ankle areas.  Why wouldn't anyone want the best for their child?

Q: How do I know if a dance school is professional?

A:  Teachers must have been trained by professionals.  Length of classes - proper dance classes (especially ballet & jazz) should be at least 90 minutes. Preschool classes can be 30-45 minutes but children age 8 and older should be dancing 90 minutes.

Q:  What performing opportunities does my child have at your school?

A:  Every student at our school participates in either the Student Performance in May or classroom demonstrations, depending on the class that they take.  Additionally, our school is home to BALLET THEATRE OF OHIO - a professional ballet company which selects 40 dancers for its company PLUS an additional 50-60 children from our dance school to be in its productions each year.  Our dancers have the opportunity to partner with and dance on the same stage as seasoned  professionals. This year, we will be performing The Nutcracker and The Little Mermaid at the historic Akron Civic Theatre. These memorable performances are optional to participate in  and available to all ballet students, grade 2 and older.

Our school is also home to DANCE KRAZE, a Jazz and Tap competition team which travels three times each year competing in jazz, tap, modern, and lyrical.  Our most recent competition gathered the highest honors of the competition. 

Q:  Are parents allowed to watch class?

A:  Visitors who watch class tend to be a distraction to the dancers, especially children under age 10. We do, however, have two scheduled visitation weeks during the year - one at Christmas and one at the end of the year.

School Philosophy

Ms. Meneer has been blessed with the ability to inspire hundreds of children each year to get up on the stage and perform in front of huge audiences. There is a special place in her heart for the preschoolers and she loves to sprinkle as many little ones into the BTO professional productions as the ballet can possibly handle. All children seen in Ballet Theatre of Ohio's NUTCRACKER at the Akron Civic Theatre are students at Ms. Meneer's School. Her school is best noted for its professional flair.  Not only do children learn how to dance and choreograph, but they learn how to care for their body and prevent injuries, Every class, rehearsal and school performance, as well as professional performance, has Ms. Meneer's mark of excellence.  There truly is a difference.

Discipline plays a key factor in the training at the Meneer school. Ms. Meneer has surrounded herself with the best teaching staff possible.  Students learn discipline, how to focus and how to work hard while never giving up. These qualities will follow a child into their adult lives.  Dancers are taught to pay attention to how the body works, why the body works, how to improve it and how to avoid injury.  Meneer believes that is it important to train the whole body, mind and spirit, not just to teach a dance routine.  Dancers who stay in the program for a significant number of years generally have a higher level of focus, better self-esteem and a better work ethic than most kids their age. 

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